Leech Therapy / Stawianie Medycznych Pijawek – Andrzej Plucinski, HHP

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Leech Therapy / Stawianie Medycznych Pijawek – Andrzej Plucinski, HHP at Silesian Holistic Center, Inc.

1903 Northgate Bulevard, Sarasota 34234

Here at the Silesian Holistic Center, we believe that what is natural is cleansing, what is balanced promotes healing, relieves pain and induces harmonious homeostasis. Central to the time-tested remedies provided by us is Hirudo-Therapy, better known as leech therapy. The medicinal leeches work to rectify specific disorders through healing and detoxification of the body. The body can only be sick when it is either born with defects or it is poisened. Poisened with food and industrial chemicals which masquerade as household cleaners, cosmetic products and pharmaceutical drugs. These contaminents are commonplace and unmeasured in our modern environment. Our philosophy is that whole-body health can be achieved through natural cleansing and detoxification. By unlocking our natural ability to self-heal, once the cause (toxins) are eliminated, the body restores its natural homeostasis: unspoiled, uncorrupted and unpolluted.

Andrzej Plucinski, właściciel Centrum Terapii Holistycznej, oferuje stawianie medycznych pijawek w celach leczniczych i detoksykacji organizmu. Andrzej mówi po polsku.

Andrzej Plucinski - Stawianie Medycznych Pijawek, Holistic Therapy

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